How does the commission process work?

Interested in a commissioned original piece, scaled to suit your custom specifications? You can commission a piece of art for your self, a loved one, for a gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary, a significant birthday, for your workplace lobby…

If you’re a fan of my work and have been following me on social media and appreciate my eclectic style, and you really want a one of a kind – then a commissioned piece is perfect for you!

  • We will start with the details of what you want ie. size, orientation, style.
  • Initially, we will work out the size, orientation and style of the work of mine you love so I know what you are after.
  • Specific colours that you may want to match with interiors and decor are then considered, I always suggest a trip to your local paint shop to collect colour  samples of 1-3 specific colours you’d like included in your piece. You can then send me the colour codes to ensure as close a match as possible. This is the only way to ensure proper colour matching, as screens are not accurate. However, if specific colour matches are not that important to you, I will use the general colour palette you have specified.
  • When we have worked out exactly what you want I will create your custom artwork on my website for you to purchase. This can be paid for using paypal or bank transfer.
  • Each commission is unique and provides customers with original work of a specific subject matter, for a certain space, medium used, a custom or standard size, therefore estimated times are approximate.
  • Once you have purchased your commissioned piece from my online store, it gets booked into my calendar and I’ll get started on the piece. Depending on my schedule, generally it takes from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to complete the piece.

For commissioned works of art and interior decor pieces: new customers, art collectors, interior designers, small business owners and not for profits enterprises please email me through a few details below telling me what you are after – I look forward to get started on creating your custom artwork and it being enjoyed!