“Art is a step in the known toward the unknown”. Kahlil Gibran

Lyn Treloar’s subtle imagery is atmospheric, yet strongly expressive, embracing both complexity and simplicity. Her process sees her spending time observing the world around her. She aims to capture the mood or feeling of the piece, using earthy colour pallets. With an intuitive feel for texture, she creates layers through mark making by fusing mixed mediums, never quite knowing where the process will take her, but savouring the freedom of the journey.

Her work resonates with both traditional and broad cultural aesthetics, encompassing still life, genre and portrait painting, abstractions and surface pattern designs.

Lyn’s immersion in the arts began through her natural inclination towards creativity in her childhood. Her rich multicultural heritage and extraordinarily diverse artistic family are spread over several continents and are engaged in the arts from; lithography, painting, pottery, sculpture and architecture to fashion design over many generations, dating back to the home of the great impressionists’ in Le Havre, France

Having lived and travelled between 3 cities, in 2015 Lyn shifted the balance of her healing work to expand on and re-engage her Souls inner creative and artistic impulses.

Lyn curated her first solo art exhibition with the 2018 SALA Festival, beginning with a small collection of her limited edition still life drawings and abstract art prints. She is currently working on projects that encompass her love of nature and passion for sustainability and wellbeing.

As a citizen of the world, I am inspired by the innate kindness within us all; the peace keepers, truth seekers, altruistic entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists and visionaries who create enriching experiences that contribute toward a flourishing and sustainable future.

Given that my background comprises and embraces the interconnection between art, design, spirituality and healing, it has been a natural evolution for me to fuse each space. This allows me to follow the inherent ebb and flow of intuition and creativity of each new venture and collaboration with like-minded fellow creatives and inspiring mentors who share my desire to affect positive change.

Lyn works between her home studio and whichever place she finds inspiring; the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery SA and favourite cafe’s from her laptop or sketch book. Please connect if you have a project or commission in mind, or just feel moved to say hi.

Be well…

Lyn is a maverick soul, a free spirit and a non conformist, who has the courage to live life on her own terms. She is unique, shaped by the diversities of her own individual layers, her work is a celebration of just that. L Hewitt


To follow my journey come join me on my Instagram page @lyntreloar.