Hello, I’m Lynette Treloar, and I was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1965. My creative journey began at an early age, driven by a natural inclination towards the arts and design. As I grew older, this passion led me to pursue studies in both fields, where I honed my skills and gained a deeper understanding of the profound impact art can have in communicating and connecting with others.

My artistic influences stem from a rich multicultural heritage and a diverse family deeply engaged in various artistic disciplines across generations and continents. This diverse background has profoundly shaped my artistic perspective, drawing inspiration from a wide array of sources. As a multi-media artist, I embrace both complexity and simplicity in my work, exploring a broad spectrum of styles and techniques, utilising a range of traditional and non-traditional materials.

Rooted in the interconnection between art, design, spirituality, and healing, my work serves as a celebration of diversity and individuality, inviting viewers to embrace the inherent beauty found within each layer of life’s tapestry. Through my art, I strive to inspire others to see the world with fresh eyes, fostering insight, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the human experience.


1980      College of the Arts and Design, Croydon, Visual Marketing, TAFE SA
1988      Adelaide Central School of Art, Drawing, City Centre
1991       Masters in Practical Spirituality, Sydney Australia
2015      Open Access College, Marden, Certificate IV in Design
2016      Adelaide College of the Arts, Diploma of Graphic Design, TAFE SA
2017      Adelaide College of the Arts, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, TAFE SA
2024     Adelaide College of the Arts, Diploma of Visual Arts


2018      Randomosity, SALA Festival, Red House Cafe, Adelaide SA
2018      Light Square Gallery, College of the Arts & Design, Graphic Design Exhibition
2021      Behind the Mask, Feros Care, Online Art Exhibition, First Prize, Adelaide SA
2021      Millions Missing, Art Exhibition, Emerge, Online
2023     Exquisite Familiar, Studio Art Exhibition, Australian Gallery of South Australia (AGSA)
2023     Exquisite Familiar, Mod Museum
2024     Seeking Equilibrium, SALA Festival


1979      Curator, Marble Hill Ruins, Local Artist, Adelaide SA
1979      Art’s Festival, Marble Hill Ruins, Local Adelaide Hill’s Artist, Adelaide SA
1998      Curator, Light Square Gallery, Graphic Design Exhibition, Adelaide SA
2009     Commissioned Artworks Locally and Internationally, Current