Lynette Treloar, Born, Adelaide, Australia 1965


1980         College of the Arts and Design, Croydon, Visual Marketing, TAFE SA
1988         Adelaide Central School of Art, Drawing, City Centre
1991          Masters in Practical Spirituality, Sydney Australia
2015         Open Access College, Marden, Certificate IV in Design
2016         Adelaide College of the Arts, Diploma of Graphic Design, TAFE SA
2017         Adelaide College of the Arts, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, TAFE SA
2024        Adelaide College of the Arts, Diploma of Visual Arts, TAFE SA


2018      Randomosity, SALA Festival, Red House Cafe, Adelaide SA
2018      Light Square Gallery, College of the Arts & Design, Graphic Design Exhibition, Adelaide SA
2021      Behind the Mask, Feros Care, Online Art Exhibition, First Prize, Adelaide SA
2021      Millions Missing, Art Exhibition, Emerge, Online
2023     Exquisite Familiar, Studio Art Exhibition, Australian Gallery of South Australia (AGSA)
2023     Exquisite Familiar, Mod Museum
2024    Seeking Equilibrium, SALA Festival


1979       Curator, Marble Hill Ruins, Local Artist, Adelaide SA
1979       Art’s Festival, Marble Hill Ruins, Local Adelaide Hill’s Artist, Adelaide SA
1998      Curator, Light Square Gallery, Graphic Design Exhibition, Adelaide SA
2009     Commissioned Artworks Locally and Internationally, Current


Through my natural inclination towards creativity I have always been drawn to the arts and design. My immersion in the arts began as a young child, with a rich multicultural heritage and extraordinarily diverse artistic family, spread over several continents are engaged in the arts from; printmaking, painting, ceramics, sculpture and architecture to fashion design, over many generations, dating back to the home of the impressionists’ in Le Havre, France.

I aim to capture the mood and feeling of each piece, using texture and an earthy colour palette, creating layers by fusing mixed-media and digital technology as a meeting point of overlapping systems intertwining methodologies. My style is diverse, however, as an emerging artist refinement will occur naturally over time.

Given that my background comprises and embraces the interconnection between art, design, spirituality and healing, it has been a natural evolution for me to fuse each space. This allows me to follow the inherent ebb and flow of intuition and creativity of each new venture and collaboration with like-minded fellow creatives and inspiring mentors who share my desire to affect positive change.

As a citizen of the world, I am inspired by the innate kindness within us all; the peace keepers, truth seekers, altruistic entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists and visionaries who create enriching experiences that contribute toward a flourishing and sustainable future.


“Art is a step in the known toward the unknown”. Kahlil Gibran

As a multi-media artist my work embraces both complexity and simplicity. My approach encompasses a divergent mix of styles and methods, embracing a broad aesthetic that includes; still life, portraiture, drawing, abstract and botanical artworks. I use a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials, including acrylic paint, oil and chalk pastels, ink, charcoal and fabric.

I aim to capture the ‘mood’ of each artwork, using an earthy colour palette, creating textures and layers through mark making by fusing mediums. I am captivated by the works of Egon Schiele, Toulouse Lautrec and Ben Quilty, a further reflection of my diverse spectrum of styles. A love of blind contour drawing and the essence of Schiele’s mottled skin textures and the juxtaposition of Lautrec’s graphic art posters and Quilty’s brave brush strokes has inspired me to further my development creating texture and the consideration of applying colours intentionally.

Lyn is a maverick soul, a free spirit and a non conformist, who has the courage to live life on her own terms. She is unique, shaped by the diversities of her own individual layers, her work is a celebration of just that. L Hewitt


To follow my journey come join me on my Instagram page @lyntreloar.